Strength Training for Runners and Endurance Athletes



Running is a big deal here in Pasadena, we have numerous running  &  tri clubs nearby, and a niche running store that specializes in finding the right shoe for your foot, running style and terrain choice.  The Arroyo Seco provides some nature and uneven trail surfaces while the Rose Bowl gives you a nice 5K loop that is traveled daily by runners, walkers and cyclists.  Annually, Pasadena hosts its own Marathon and being only a few miles north of Downtown, the LA Marathon is a common training goal for many runners to work towards.  When working with an endurance athlete, it’s important to remember that it’s always good to work towards strength.  Strength helps everything.  However, the opposite is true with power athletes, you don’t want power-lifters, weight-lifters, platesprinters or in my opinion, baseball pitchers going on long endurance runs, but everybody benefits from getting stronger.  Often times it will take some convincing to get your endurance specialist to buy into getting stronger because many runners believe building strength will add bulk.  Here are just a few fairly recent studies to support strength for improved endurance performance.  I will add to this list as I come across pertinent studies and articles. 

Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports 2013 Aug

Optimizing strength training for running and cycling endurance performance: A review.
B R Rønnestad, I Mujika

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2014 Mar

Mixed maximal and explosive strength training in recreational endurance runners.
Ritva S Taipale, Jussi Mikkola, Tiina Salo, Laura Hokka, Ville Vesterinen, William J Kraemer, Ari Nummela, Keijo Häkkinen

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 2008 Jun

Maximal strength training improves running economy in distance runners.
Oyvind Støren, Jan Helgerud, Eva Maria Støa, Jan Hoff

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