Baseball: Reducing Injury Risk in Pitching Mechanics


Injuries to the shoulder and elbow are common amongst baseball players and the topic of many studies in peer reviewed journals.  Previous studies have determined that joint forces at maximum external rotation (MER) and anterior joint instability are MERvalgusprime factors that lead to injury.(1, 2Continue reading “Baseball: Reducing Injury Risk in Pitching Mechanics”

ACL Return to Sport Testing

  acl biomech 4 - Copy

With all the research available  regarding ACL surgeries, evidence for return to sport guidelines remain undefined.  Many athletes are cleared for return to sport 6-9 months post-op regardless of physical objective performance data.  In fact I’ve had athletes who rehabbed elsewhere come in for a one time visit to have me evaluate them for return to sport.  Continue reading “ACL Return to Sport Testing”

ACL: What to do between diagnosis & surgery

Tearing your ACL is typically a traumatic event, most of my ACL patients report knowing they did something serious to their knee.  This will usually land you in the office of an orthopedic specialist within a week of the incident.  Once there is confirmation and diagnosis of an ACL tear it can often take up to 2 months to schedule a surgical date, it may be due to personal schedules, surgeon schedule, or researching graft choicesContinue reading “ACL: What to do between diagnosis & surgery”

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