Pitching Mobility Series: Part 2

In order for a pitcher to produce significant force through the trunk and into the arm, he needs to be able to load a stable yet mobile hip, knee, ankle and heel.  As the stride leg rises up & then down towards the plate the pitcher has the opportunity to load his joints, muscles and tissues into an optimal position for force production.   Continue reading “Pitching Mobility Series: Part 2”

Pitching Elbow Stress Fracture: Brennan

“Thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge about the mental game and how to keep good arm care! Couldn’t be anymore excited or feel any stronger for my up coming season.”



Single leg work is an essential part of all training and rehab programs.  Once our athletes and patients have mastered the basic step down and demonstrate good control of static single leg tasks, its time to progress.  A great way to train for real life application is to load the stance leg in all 3 planes.  You can do this by driving either your arms or your free leg into the saggital, frontal or transverse plane. Continue reading “Mostability”

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