Femoral Acetabular Impingement: Kira


Early in the year I had a hip injury and I couldn’t dance for a few months. Thanks to Chris and Catz I am back dancing with my team and am headed with them to compete at USA Nationals in a few weeks.


ACL Reconstruction: Kyle


Thank you so much for helping me through my recovery. Lacrosse tryouts went well and I made the varsity team again, and I have been back to playing lacrosse cobrassince just before the new year. My knee feels excellent, and if not back to full health it is at least 99%.  It is crazy to me to think that about 8 months ago I was barely able to crutch around and couldn’t do a leg lift, and I can’t believe how far I’ve come. In addition to making varsity, I have been coaching and attended a tournament, and I really cannot stress enough how good it feels after so long away from the sport. I have loyolaattached pictures of me in a tournament last weekend, and I hope they show how helpful you were in my recovery. Thank you so much, I could not have done it without you and hopefully I can find a time to swing by CATZ soon to say thanks in person.



Ankle Fracture Post-op: Maya

When I broke my ankle last summer during early training for club soccer season, I was devastated. After surgery and with 2 screws in my ankles, I was told that I would miss most of the season. Being an athlete is so much a part of who crown-cityI am and what I do that having to sit out practice after practice and game after game was absolutely terrible.

The turning point for me was when I started PT with Chris. Chris understood that it was not just about rehabbing my broken ankle but about strengthening and conditioning my whole body so that when my ankle was healed I would be ready to go back to sports. PT with Chris helped me recover faster and for that I am very thankful!img_7117

– Maya


Pitching Elbow Stress Fracture: Brennan

“Thank you Chris for sharing your knowledge about the mental game and how to keep good arm care! Couldn’t be anymore excited or feel any stronger for my up coming season.”


ACL Reconstruction: Kara


I tore my ACL in one of the first games of the season during my junior year of college, playing soccer at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I had my surgery done shortly after the injury up in Oregon, in hopes of giving me plenty of time to get back for my senior year. I hit many road bumps along the way and ended up having to get a manipulation a couple months after my surgery as well. While at school, I saw a different PT in Oregon, but I would come to pac-univCATZ during school breaks and the summer. Chris and everyone at CATZ were very helpful in my recovery process! Even though I only saw Chris for a couple weeks at a time, he took my case seriously and had many insights that were very important to my recovery process. He recognized that my recovery was taking a little bit longer than normal, but was still able to push me enough to help me make strides in the process. He offered solutions that some of my doctors and other PTs hadn’t thought of. Chris was a very helpful and encouraging PT that I would recommend to any college athlete. He will work with you to get you back to playing before you know it!


ACL Reconstruction: Ally


I completely tore my ACL and partially tore my meniscus. I needed an ACL reconstruction and for part of my meniscus to be shaved off. CATZ was amazing in helping toward my recovery. The community of staff and athletes there is a constant source of support. Chris’s patience and encouragement was instrumental in getting to where I am, now. I was able to be fully medically cleared to attend the United States Naval Academynavy and I look forward to serving my country for years to come.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense, nor the U.S. Government.

ACL Reconstruction/Meniscus: Aaron

aaron 2

I was in Puerto Vallarta Mexico on a skateboarding trip. It was my second day there and I jumped down a flight of stairs into one of the worst situations I could have imagined. I planted my feet wrong and dislocated my left knee an hour away from my resort. Being that I’ve torn ligaments in my right knee before and went through therapy in the typical physical therapy office setting, I already knew what I was in for by how swollen and painful my knee was. I was not looking forward to the next year of my life. Come to find out, I tore my ACL completely through and had minor tears in my meniscus.

The next month I had surgery to repair those meniscuses and have a full ACL reconstruction.  I was depressed and not motivated to go through therapy yet again until I decided to do some research and find a physical therapist and location that fit my needs.  I was blessed to find Chris and Catz! Without the knowledge and expertise that Chris provided I would not have been able to make the recovery that I wished for. His persistence and motivation got me to work as hard as I could and get back on my board and comfortably living again. I’m very happy and thankful to say that I would not be where I am today without his help. If you are looking for a therapist who is truly passionate and knowledgeable about what they do, then you have found the right one.



ACL Repair: Cody


I was ski touring on the Mount Whitney massif in the Sierra Nevada with 2 friends when I took a wrong step and blew my ACL and meniscus. We were only a couple miles from the trailhead so we were able to three legged race and build a rescue sled to get me back to the car and eventually the operating room in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’ve worked variously in the ski industry and now just keep myself sane through grad school by ski mountaineering as much as possible. Obviously a tear to my ACL and meniscus was a large blow to my ability to do my passion. After surgery I also had horrendous nerve pain running down my shin (like sticking my shin in boiling water) to the point that I could be brought to tears by trying to bend my leg. I went to a few different physical therapists and none were successful. On week 6 of recovery I found Chris Butler and after two weeks of seeing him (and doing my exercises!) my nerve pain was significantly diminished and my flexibility had significantly improved. Chris read about my case, answered all my questions, and developed exercises specific to my sport. And remarkably in just 18 weeks post op my doctor released me for full activity and I was climbing and skiing off the top of 14,179 ft Mount Shasta On July 3rd. Chris was kind and knowledgeable and I would recommended any athlete to see Chris!


Patellar Dislocation Surgery: Alison

alison I sustained a Grade 2 MCL sprain on my left knee while playing a collegiate spring game in my freshman year. I found out that the recovery time would take about 3 months, and though it was a difficult time, I knew I would be back in time to compete for the fall season. As the therapy progressed and I got stronger, I was cleared to come back to play a few games to see what I was capable of doing. Unfortunately, on my first day back I ended up dislocating my left knee cap. Finding out that my injury would now take an additional 6 months to recover was devastating. This means I would have to sit out my sophomore year of soccer. After my knee operation, with the guidance from Chris, the Catz staff, and my Athletic Trainers at Cal Poly Pomona, I was able to stay positive and comeback both mentally and physically stronger than before. The help of Chris’ unique humor made me enjoy the journey back, and his therapy techniques helped push me to discover my limits. I am grateful to have Chris as my physical therapist and am excited to be competing at the collegiate level again!cal ploy

-Alison Kung


ACL Reconstruction/Meniscus: Ryan


I tore my ACL completely and partially tore my meniscus during a vital time in the college recruiting process. After I got reconstructive surgery, I thought that even if I were able to play soccer again, I would never be the same player. Because of CATZ, I came back stronger than ever and I’m headed to play at Carnegie Mellon this fall! I couldn’t be more grateful and I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without the CATZ team.


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