ACL Repair: Cody


I was ski touring on the Mount Whitney massif in the Sierra Nevada with 2 friends when I took a wrong step and blew my ACL and meniscus. We were only a couple miles from the trailhead so we were able to three legged race and build a rescue sled to get me back to the car and eventually the operating room in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I’ve worked variously in the ski industry and now just keep myself sane through grad school by ski mountaineering as much as possible. Obviously a tear to my ACL and meniscus was a large blow to my ability to do my passion. After surgery I also had horrendous nerve pain running down my shin (like sticking my shin in boiling water) to the point that I could be brought to tears by trying to bend my leg. I went to a few different physical therapists and none were successful. On week 6 of recovery I found Chris Butler and after two weeks of seeing him (and doing my exercises!) my nerve pain was significantly diminished and my flexibility had significantly improved. Chris read about my case, answered all my questions, and developed exercises specific to my sport. And remarkably in just 18 weeks post op my doctor released me for full activity and I was climbing and skiing off the top of 14,179 ft Mount Shasta On July 3rd. Chris was kind and knowledgeable and I would recommended any athlete to see Chris!


ACL Reconstruction/Meniscus: Ryan


I tore my ACL completely and partially tore my meniscus during a vital time in the college recruiting process. After I got reconstructive surgery, I thought that even if I were able to play soccer again, I would never be the same player. Because of CATZ, I came back stronger than ever and I’m headed to play at Carnegie Mellon this fall! I couldn’t be more grateful and I really wouldn’t have been able to do it without the CATZ team.


Achilles Rupture/Repair: Elizabeth


Chris and the staff at Catz helped me recover after I tore my Achilles during my senior year in high school. I worked with them through the entire summer and was able to recover before leaving for Oregon State.  This was my first major injury and surgery, and without their help and support, I would not be where I am today. I can’t thank them enough for everything they have done for me!       OSU Header-Athletics

Miss you guys!


From Injured Soccer Recruit to College Rower: Diana

Ephslogo2_400x400I tore my ACL playing in a college showcase and had to have reconstructive surgery on my knee which caused me to miss my senior year soccer season. At the time, it was really hard for me to envision any type of recovery, but the positive environment Catz provided helped enormously. Chris worked with me throughout my eight month long rehab so that I could play sports again. Even though recovering from a knee injury can be a really long process, Chris had me focus on the baby steps (walking, squatting, running), and I was back to full strength before I knew it. Now I am rowing for Williams College and in the best shape of my life, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Chris and Catz for getting me here.


(pictured 5th from the left)


Back in the Gym: Felicia

TestimonialI tore 3 ligaments in my ankle and needed partial reconstruction surgery & the removal of some cartilage on the exterior of my right ankle. Catz was UCLA_Bruins_script_logohonestly so amazing on helping me get back out on to the competition floor as quickly and safely as possible. Without the help of Chris and Catz, I wouldn’t be doing to sport that I love, pain free! I just signed my National Letter of Intent to UCLA for gymnastics and I will be joining the team during the summer!


Testimonial: Megan

My name is Megan and on January 2nd, I received the most detrimental news any young athlete could hear in their career. My doctor informed me that I had a torn lateral meniscus, an injury that could progressively worsen if not operated on immediately. Luckilyvillar my doctor would soon go onto operate on my knee. I am now blessed to say I am a lateral meniscus tear recovery, thanks to two amazing men in my life, Dr. James Lee Pace and Chris Butler. Without the amazing work of Chris & the Catz staff, I wouldn’t be able to sit here and share with you that I am fully recovered and close to fulfilling my dreams of playing collegiate basketball. He not only pushed me when he knew I could do more, but also stopped me when I asked to do more, without his perfect balance and knowledge of my injury and self motivation, I wouldn’t be where I am today. His passion for helping others recover made my recovery a breeze. I am truly grateful for his dedication and motivation.