Is Early Sport Specialization a Risk Factor for Anterior Knee Pain in Female Athletes?

Journal of Sport Rehabilitation

Youth sport specialization has become a hot topic in the sports medicine world recently.  Baseball seems to be getting much of the attention, with the record setting pace of Tommy John surgeries in the MLB and studies reporting pitching participation on consecutive days and in some cases multiple games per day.   Continue reading “Is Early Sport Specialization a Risk Factor for Anterior Knee Pain in Female Athletes?”

Lateral Cutting Faults in ACL Rehab and Prevention

usa soccerRecently some of my high level female soccer players have undergone biomechanical analysis in their 5th month post-op ACL reconstruction.  Despite demonstrating good control and depth on box drops, squats (double, split and single leg stances) step downs, deceleration, running gait and jumping mechanics (double, split and single leg), there was one common fault.  Continue reading “Lateral Cutting Faults in ACL Rehab and Prevention”

Choosing an ACL graft

acl photo

ACL reconstruction is one of the most common arthroscopic surgeries performed in the United States, and there are many factors to consider when it comes to graft choice.  Usually it starts with the surgeon you select, many surgeons have a specialty and may recommend that as the best option.  Currently there are several options for graft selection and all but the synthetic grafts have shown good results. Continue reading “Choosing an ACL graft”