Baseball Arm Care Program

Healthy Arms Perform Better 

This is a special program designed with baseball players in mind.  The purpose of this program is to monitor the throwing athlete throughout the year with quarterly check-ups to address risk factors associated with common throwing injuries, and to provide a plan of action to help maintain the strength and mobility essential for a healthy season.

Serious elbow and shoulder injuries continue to rise among youth, high school, collegiate and professional baseball players.  Major League Physicians and Executives believe that the recent spike in Tommy John surgeries is due to excess pitching volume and intensity at the youth and amateur levels.

This is not a performance program but monitoring arm health throughout the year will decrease the risk for serious injury and indirectly lead to improved performance on the field, because healthy arms perform better.

Evaluations are performed by appointment only at Catz Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center 626-356-0599


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