Single leg work is an essential part of all training and rehab programs.  Once our athletes and patients have mastered the basic step down and demonstrate good control of static single leg tasks, its time to progress.  A great way to train for real life application is to load the stance leg in all 3 planes.  You can do this by driving either your arms or your free leg into the saggital, frontal or transverse plane.  In doing so, different muscle groups and joint positions can be loaded and unloaded setting off proprioceptive chain reactions that will translate naturally into everyday life and sport.  This is an applied functional science concept known as “Mostability” or Mobility + Stability.  For basic human function and sports performance you need to have both mobility and stability simultaneously.  In order to achieve maximal mobility with the arms or free leg there needs to be optimal stability on the stance leg.

Give some of these single leg step down variations a try and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

There are many more scaleable variations to this concept and whether it’s done standing on a stool, box or flat ground this is the most meaningful way to challenge single leg balance.

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