ACL Reconstruction: Kara


I tore my ACL in one of the first games of the season during my junior year of college, playing soccer at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon. I had my surgery done shortly after the injury up in Oregon, in hopes of giving me plenty of time to get back for my senior year. I hit many road bumps along the way and ended up having to get a manipulation a couple months after my surgery as well. While at school, I saw a different PT in Oregon, but I would come to pac-univCATZ during school breaks and the summer. Chris and everyone at CATZ were very helpful in my recovery process! Even though I only saw Chris for a couple weeks at a time, he took my case seriously and had many insights that were very important to my recovery process. He recognized that my recovery was taking a little bit longer than normal, but was still able to push me enough to help me make strides in the process. He offered solutions that some of my doctors and other PTs hadn’t thought of. Chris was a very helpful and encouraging PT that I would recommend to any college athlete. He will work with you to get you back to playing before you know it!


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