Patellar Dislocation Surgery: Alison

alison I sustained a Grade 2 MCL sprain on my left knee while playing a collegiate spring game in my freshman year. I found out that the recovery time would take about 3 months, and though it was a difficult time, I knew I would be back in time to compete for the fall season. As the therapy progressed and I got stronger, I was cleared to come back to play a few games to see what I was capable of doing. Unfortunately, on my first day back I ended up dislocating my left knee cap. Finding out that my injury would now take an additional 6 months to recover was devastating. This means I would have to sit out my sophomore year of soccer. After my knee operation, with the guidance from Chris, the Catz staff, and my Athletic Trainers at Cal Poly Pomona, I was able to stay positive and comeback both mentally and physically stronger than before. The help of Chris’ unique humor made me enjoy the journey back, and his therapy techniques helped push me to discover my limits. I am grateful to have Chris as my physical therapist and am excited to be competing at the collegiate level again!cal ploy

-Alison Kung


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