Testimonial: Megan

My name is Megan and on January 2nd, I received the most detrimental news any young athlete could hear in their career. My doctor informed me that I had a torn lateral meniscus, an injury that could progressively worsen if not operated on immediately. Luckilyvillar my doctor would soon go onto operate on my knee. I am now blessed to say I am a lateral meniscus tear recovery, thanks to two amazing men in my life, Dr. James Lee Pace and Chris Butler. Without the amazing work of Chris & the Catz staff, I wouldn’t be able to sit here and share with you that I am fully recovered and close to fulfilling my dreams of playing collegiate basketball. He not only pushed me when he knew I could do more, but also stopped me when I asked to do more, without his perfect balance and knowledge of my injury and self motivation, I wouldn’t be where I am today. His passion for helping others recover made my recovery a breeze. I am truly grateful for his dedication and motivation.

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